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Master Your Mind & Transform Your Life

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Cognitive Coaching

Cognitive Coaching empowers you with the knowledge, skills, resources, and support to overcome personal issues and make meaningful changes in your life. You will learn to:

  • Understand yourself and how your mind works

  • Identify and change thinking and behavior patterns that block your success

  • Define your goals and learn strategies to achieve them

  • Gain motivation and resiliance to create a superior future for yourself

Cognitive Coaching is for everyone.

We all struggle at times, whether we find ourselves feeling stuck, unmotivated, worried, or indecisive. These issues are part of life; and, though we could use some expert help to solve them, they are often not a matter of mental illness or psychotherapy. Coaching provides specialized guidance for the many everyday problems that require knowledge, self-awareness, motivation, and action to solve—but not a diagnosis.

Life-Changing Skills

Our thoughts and beliefs shape how we feel and act. Cognitive Coaching teachs you the skills to change the thinking patterns and unconscious beliefs that are holding you back. This powerful mind-shift will literally transform your life.


Coaching is more than just talking about your problemsit's about doing something to change them. You will always receive clear suggestions, advice, and directions that can improve your situation.


Cognitive Coaching doesn't spend much time looking back. This is a present-centered and future-focused approach. We won't ruminate on a past that can't be changed; rather, coaching helps you move forward to a future where more is possible.

Flexible & Practical

Cognitive Coaching integrates concepts from psychology, biology, neuroscience, education, communication, philosophy and other fields to provide solutions that are practical and personalized.

Experiential Learning

Cognitive Coaching recognizes that independence and accountability are essential for personal growth. That's why coaching includes home exercises that put you in control of your own success. 

It's Not Therapy

Coaching does not diagnose or treat illness. However, if your goals or challenges relate to a diagnosis, we can work with your medical or mental health provider to support therapeutic goals.

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"Cognitive Coaching is the ultimate life hack. Once you learn to master your mind, you will be able to master every part of your world."

Anthony J. Rotolo, Ph.D.

Educator and Coach

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Dr. Rotolo offers Cognitive Coaching to support personal growth and self-improvement. Here are some of the goals you can accomplish:


Get Unstuck

Sometimes we don't know where to begin. If you're feeling lost or unmotivated, Cognitive Coaching can show you how to get your life back.


Find Peace

Feeling overwhelmed by fears, doubts, worries, thoughts and emotions? Learn how to quiet your mind and bring  peace into your life.


Get Focused

Learn to create mental clarity and boost your productivity with mindful practices that support concentration and task completion.


Find Purpose

Cognitive Coaching can help you discover a meaningful and fulfilling career, and develop the skills to thrive in it.


Get  It Together

Do you feel like there's never enough time? Cognitive Coaching can teach you how to master the clock and make more time for you.


Find Connection

If you feel anxious in social situations, you are not alone. Learn strategies to reduce social stress, build confidence, and enjoy being yourself.

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