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Relationship Coaching

Unlock Your Partnership Potential

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How Can Relationship Coaching Help Us?

If you're reading this page, chances are you're wondering if anything can help your relationship. Maybe you've already tried therapy, self-help books, spiritual guidance, or even YouTube and TikTok videos looking for answers. This might be your "last chance" attempt to fix the relationship before you call the whole thing off. If so, you're in the right place.


Even if nothing else has helped your relationship improve, Relationship Coaching can and will produce positive results for you. In fact, you will see change in the very first session!

How can Relationship Coaching possibly make such a promise? Because Dr. Rotolo's program is different from all those other methods. Here's how:


Unlike books or TikTok, coaching is about taking informed action. You won't be reading or watching questionable advice from so-called influencers; you'll be doing what works, and starting right away.


In coaching, you won't waste time rehashing old arguents or childhood traumas, and we won't be deciding who was right and wrong (hint: both of you); you'll learn to deconstruct your present issues and experiment with ways to move forward.

Realistic & Practical

Coaching doesn't deal with abstract theories or idealized scenarios. This program uses real-world strategies that work for real people. We apply not only psychological knowledge, but neurobiology, communications, education, and other practical areas.

Controlled Conflict

Coaching will teach you to spot the patterns and beliefs that blow up your temper and your relationship. You'll learn to communicate what you really feel and need in a constructive and controlled way.

No Nonsense

Coaching values autonomy and accountability. You must be committed to the process, but not necessarily to each other. If you do your part, you'll learn how much your relationship can change. Then you'll decide if it's worth keeping.

Not Therapy

Coaching does not diagnose or treat mental disorders. If you have one, it's important to get yourself treatment, but that won't necessarily fix your relationship. Coaching works with partners as they are right now, problems and all.

Image by Codioful (Formerly Gradienta)

Anthony J. Rotolo, Ph.D.

Educator and Coach

"Relationship Coaching is not for the weak-hearted. It's a crash course in communication, trust, and compassion. If you commit to the process, you will see real change."

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Dr. Rotolo offers coaching to couples at every relationship stage. These are some of the specialty areas of the program:


Last Chance Couples

Your relationship has been broken for so long that you don't know where to begin. Maybe you're not even sure you want to try. Dr. Rotolo has a special program just for "last chance" couples.


Trust & Values Violations

If there's been a rupture in the relationship from an affair or other values violation, this program will help you heal, repair, and rebuild trust together.


High-Conflict Couples

If all you do is argue, then you're probably tired of all the shouting, blame, and crying. This program can still help you, even if it's hard to be in the same room together right now.


Sex & Intimacy Problems

If the desire faded or life just got in the way, Dr. Rotolo will teach you the science of attraction and connection, and how to bring the pleasure back.


LGBTQ+ Couples

Dr. Rotolo provides an open and accepting space to address the unique aspects of  LGBTQ+ relationships, including issues of gender identity, sexual expression, family and social support.


Co-Parenting Challenges

Whether you're sharing parenting responsibilities at home or separately, this program will show you how to work out disagreements and find synergy together.

Image by Codioful (Formerly Gradienta)

Here's what to expect:


Schedule Your Free Consultation

Begin with a free 30-minute meeting to discuss your reasons and goals for seeking coaching. Dr. Rotolo will answer all your questions and determine if Relationship Coaching is right for you.

After the consultation, couples register for the Relationship Reboot program (see below). Both partners must be willing to commit to the program before coaching can proceed.


'Relationship Reboot' Program

Dr. Rotolo's Relationship Reboot program is a three-session intensive course designed to produce rapid, positive change in your relationship. Couples will receive personalized education on:

  • The neurobiology of anger and conflict

  • Hidden issues that lead to couple collapse

  • Establishing personal and shared values

  • Communication techniques that reduce conflict

  • Deconstructing and solving problems

  • Returning pleasure to the relationship

  • and much more.

Couples will receive resources, assignments, and experiments to complete in session and at home.


Evaluate Next Steps

By the end of your third Reboot session, you and your partner will have already observed real change in your relationship. You will also have identified areas where change has been more difficult to achieve. You will use this information to evaluate the future of your relationship and make an informed decision about how to proceed.


  • Couples may decide that progress has been encouraging and continue using their new skills with no further coaching.

  • Some couples will choose to schedule additional coaching sessions, together or individually, as needed to continue their positive progress.

  • At times, even though some change is observed, the couple coaching process serves to confirm one or both partner's belief that the relationship should not continue. If this occurs, the informed decision to dissolve your relationship can be a positive outcome.

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Book Your Free Consultation

If you're ready to see how much change is really possible for you and your partner, book your free consultation with Dr. Rotolo and get started right away.

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